We wash our clothes, underwear and socks, but never our shoes. Why?

Most people wear shoes the whole day. Your feet produce about 250ml of sweat each day.

The warm, moist inside of your shoes is ideal for fungi and bacteria. Not only do they cause smelly shoes, they can also cause athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

One of our most exciting products is Shoefresh, which cleans and dries your shoes within half an hour.

Apart from the obvious domestic use, we looked at a few other industries that may benefit from having a few of these.

Bowling alleys
One of the first places that springs to mind when it comes to hiring shoes are bowling alleys. These must be worn by hundreds of different people, and while the anti-bacterial spray most use to freshen the shoes up between uses, something more substantial in the shape of a Shoefresh product would be a great way of enhancing the service offering. You could even have a load of Shoefresh minis and have these get to work overnight.

Ice rinks
Similar to the above, ice skates are rented out on a regular basis. Ensure that any bacteria and bad smells are kept to a minimum by using Shoefresh.

As proud sponsors of Manchester Giants basketball team, we’re well aware of the smelly footwear that professional sportsmen wear. With trainers and boots worn on a regular basis in all conditions, Shoefresh is perfect for ensuring they can be kept refreshed week to week.

Tell us your stories and scenarios of getting the most out of Shoefresh.