Here are some questions to help with our products.
Shoefresh starts automatically

If your Shoefresh starts as soon as you plug it in (without shoes on the holders) then you have not installed the shoe holder properly. If the holders are not secured the Shoefresh cannot detect if you have placed shoes on the holders, or not. You have to push the holders down into the Shoefresh base until they connect. You’ll see two bars on the display. The Shoefresh is now ready to use.

Problem still not solved? Please contact us.

Shoefresh is not responding

Follow these steps if the Shoefresh does not respond (screen remains black and does not start)

Make sure the plug is properly inserted in the socket

Check if the socket switch is on

Check another socket, any circuit breakers and fuses

Problem still not solved? Go to goods returns page for further instructions

Message LED E1

The temperature sensor is defective. Go to the goods returns page for further instructions.

Message LED E2

The heater is defective. Go to the goods return page for further instructions.

Message LED E3

The fan is defective

Unplug the Shoefresh for 10 minutes

Look at the back of the Shoefresh and check if the fan can freely rotate or that nothing is blocking the fan

Plug the power cord back in and see whether the problem is solved

Problem still not solved? Go to the goods return page for further instructions

Message LED E4

Infrared light from the sun is interfering with the infrared sensor. This can mean that the Shoefresh doesn’t start automatically as soon as the shoes are placed on the holders. Move the Shoefresh to a room with less sunlight or start the Shoefresh manually.

Shoefresh does not start when I place the shoes on it

If the Shoefresh doesn’t start as soon as you place your shoes on the holder, this can be caused by the material of your shoes. The Shoefresh detects the shoes using infra-red light. Some shoes are so light that they don’t block the infra-red light, resulting in the Shoefresh not starting.

You can start the Shoefresh manually by pressing and holding the + and – buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds.

Shoefresh does not dry fast enough

How fast your shoes are dried depends on several factors. For example: the material of the shoes, the set drying-temperature and how wet the shoes are. You can;

Set a longer drying time

Set a higher drying temperature. For leather shoes do not go above 45 degrees C

Check if the object is not too wet. Wring out excess water before drying.

The LED and fan are on but no ozone is being produced

The ozone-generator is defective. Go to the good return page for further instructions.

Problem not solved go to returns page to complete our goods return form.

First go to our troubleshooting page. It’s not always necessary to return the Shoefresh to us!

If your Shoefresh is defective within the warranty period of one year, you can send it back to us for inspection. Depending on the problem, your Shoefresh will be repaired or we will send you a new device.

Is your Shoefresh defect outside the warranty?

Please send an e-mail

Returning your Shoefresh:
  1. Download our goods return form
    2.Print the repair form, fill in all details and add it to your return.
    3. Paste your return label on the box in which you send back the Shoefresh.

*The Shoefresh has a warranty of one year. Warranty starts at the day of purchase. This warranty doesn’t to apply to damage on the outside of the packaging or damage because of incorrect use, an accident, repairs or modifications carried out by unofficial and authorised service partners.

Is Shoefresh safe

The Shoefresh is 100% safe and CE approved.

Tips for safe usage
  1. Always be cautious with electronic equipment. Use your common sense.
  2. Use the Shoefresh in a well-ventilated area and not in a room you are working in continually. The Shoefresh uses ozone to get rid of the smell in your shoes effectively. Too much ozone is not good for the air quality and can cause headaches or breathing problems.
  3. Place the machine on a sturdy surface and make sure it always stands up right. Make sure that there is enough room behind the machine, so that the air intake can do its work.
  4. The Shoefresh is designed to work in moist / damp locations such as bathrooms. The items you place on the machine also contain moisture. Water coming from your shoes can drain out of the bottom of the Shoefresh. If you spill an excessive amount of water (for instance coming from a rain boot) over the Shoefresh, we advise to turn the Shoefresh off by unplugging it and wait until all the water has drained out from the bottom. Keep the machine turned off for 24 hours in a dry room. Too much water can damage your Shoefresh.
  5. Never immerse your Shoefresh in water.